Retired Service Loaners at Santa Monica Audi

The Santa Monica Audi Demo Car lineup consists of the most current, hand-picked Audi vehicles sporting the latest innovations and technology.

Audi Demo Cars are gently driven only for a short period of time while being meticulously maintained by the Audi certified technicians at Santa Monica Audi.

Once these vehicles are retired from the Santa Monica Audi loaner fleet they undergo another thorough inspection and are then made available for you to purchase as an Audi Demo Car.

Benefits of Purchasing an Audi Demo Car from Santa Monica Audi

Enjoy substantial savings compared to buying a new Audi

Audi Demo Cars are still eligible to be leased

Audi Demo Cars have under 10,000 miles on the odometer

Audi Demo Cars are current or previous model year vehicles

Included with the purchase of an Audi Demo Car includes the balance of our 4 Year / 50,000 mile factory warranty*

*From original in-service date.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own your dream Audi at a significant savings, with only a few gently-driven miles. Experience the best of both worlds - great price, reduced payments, and a professionally maintained Audi vehicle.