Your Audi SUV or sedan is an extraordinary machine that’s been engineered and built at the standard of a world-class vehicle. The surest way to keep your Audi performing at that same high level for years to come is to rely on the outstanding service available at Santa Monica Audi. Our many valued customers in Santa Monica and Los Angeles know that factory-recommended service is the key to their Audi models leading longer, healthier lives.

An investment that pays you back mile after mile

It all starts with a regular, factory-recommended Audi oil change. After all, your Audi’s powertrain is the centerpiece of your automotive experience. Many of those hundreds of precision engine parts are in constant motion, frequently operating at high levels of heat and enduring significant friction throughout even a routine trip to the grocery store. Regular oil changes lubricate those vital parts and help them perform better, longer.

Keeping an eye on your wear-and-tear components

One of the best reasons to schedule service at Santa Monica Audi is to monitor the parts of your Audi that can gradually wear out. The trained professionals in our Audi service center know how to examine critical components like your brakes, tires and battery to make sure they stay in first-class condition. Our objective is to avoid a situation where a crucial part wears out and leaves you stranded – or even puts you at risk. Your safety is our #1 priority.

Outstanding service, money-saving deals

When you need Audi Q5 brake repair, an Audi Q7 wheel alignment or Audi A5 transmission service, the factory-trained specialists in our service center know how to do the job right. When you take advantage of our Audi service coupons, you can make your service investment go farther. We frequently offer specials on quality products like a new battery or deals on basic factory maintenance services like oil changes and tuneups. Regular Audi maintenance helps you avoid expensive repairs later on.

Audi service professionals: Expertise refined by experience

The technicians in our service center give you the considerable advantages of genuine Audi factory training that’s highly-specialized. The Audi training program enables our technicians to understand every important element of your Audi Q3 or Audi A5. Combine that knowledge with the years of experience our service professionals have accumulated and you know your Audi SUV or sedan is always going to be in very good hands.

Service for your Audi electric or hybrid model

The service center at Santa Monica Audi is where owners of Audi electric and hybrid models in Westwood and Brentwood CA can get the quality services their vehicles need. For example, we can check the condition of your Connected Box Battery at 10,000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first. After that, we should do regular checks every 20,000 miles. We can also check your Charging Socket for contamination and perform other EV services.

Audi Care: Pre-paid maintenance, pre-paid peace of mind

A good rule of thumb is to have us do factory-recommended maintenance every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. A great way to do that is to invest in Audi Care, a comprehensive package of scheduled maintenance programs. The pre-payment feature locks in today’s prices to protect you from inflation and rising costs. The Audi Care plan helps assure you always get Genuine Audi Parts, Audi technology and Audi-trained technicians.

We encourage our customers in local communities like Culver City, CA to contact us and find out more about the many benefits of regular Audi service at Santa Monica Audi in Santa Monica, CA.

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