Audi has been introducing all sorts of new technology to their newest and upcoming vehicles lately, and Virtual Cockpit is one of our favorites. Currently offered with the Q7’s Vision package, and the Technology package on the A4 and allroad, it integrates application functionality right into a digital instrument cluster.

The video above, courtesy of Autoguide, does a pretty good job of showing you how it works. It can be configured in two modes. Classic view displays your tachometer and speedometer, but in Infotainment view, these gauges move to stage right and left to make application functionality the center piece. Using the thumb slider on your steering wheel, or the Audi MMI scroll wheel, you can toggle between maps, radio, music, and others without your eyes wandering from the road.

Virtual Cockpit will be offered on the A3, A5, Q5, and other new Audi models come 2018. If you want to check it out, or the other new vehicles we offer at our Santa Monica, CA showroom, contact us at your convenience.

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