When you drive a sports sedan like the Audi A4, one would expect the performance aspect to be the proverbial center piece. Well, it is, but this is the four rings we’re talking about. So when they set out to design the 2017 A4, they didn’t just give it mad performance chops, but also cutting edge technology that makes all the difference.

Take, for example, Virtual Cockpit, which saw its first application in the A4 (its also available on the new Q5, Q7, and A3). Using LCD gauges in the instrument cluster, you get real time satellite data from Google maps. If you think that’s cool, the adaptive cruise control is also stand out. It can slow you for off-ramps, thanks to using a mix of GPS and navigation. Strip all that back, though, and the A4 is still a stellar sports sedan, with precise handling and sharp dynamics.

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