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Your new Audi is engineered with precision from top to bottom. Audi offers Tire and Wheel Protection because the parts of your vehicle which touch the road are far too precious to overlook. If your tires or wheels are ever damaged due to road hazards such as nails, glass, metal, debris or potholes, Audi will replace them for up to seven years. Audi Tire & Wheel Protection with Optional Cosmetic Coverage offers you additional coverage of cosmetic repair, so your new vehicle will carry its good looks for years to come.

Tire & Wheel Protection Benefits

Tire & Wheel Protection Benefits
  • A tire can be replaced if structurally damaged due to a covered road hazard. Replacement of a wheel happens if road hazard damage prevents the wheel from sealing to the tire or maintaining the tire manufacturer's air pressure specifications.
  • A $50 deductible will be applied per replacement claim, regardless of how many tires and/or wheels are being replaced at that time.
  • Approved costs associated with the replacement of tires and/or wheels, including labor charges, balancing, mounting, valve stems and taxes.1
  • Covers replacement of aftermarket or OEM tires and wheels during your agreement term, if they meet the manufacturer's size specifications.
  • You will receive a reimbursement of towing expenses up to $100 per occurrence in the event of covered road hazard damage.
  • Transferable for a $50 fee if you sell your vehicle to a private party. Cancelable at any time; after 30 days, subject to a $50 fee.2

Optional Cosmetic Coverage Adds:

  • Cosmetic wheel repair for damage such as scrapes and nicks.
  • Cosmetic wheel repair is limited to painting, sanding or refinishing the wheel without the need to apply additional material or bend/straighten the wheel.
  • Cosmetic wheel repair is limited to a total of eight individual wheel repairs during the agreement term.
  • No deductible for cosmetic repairs.
Optional Cosmetic Coverage

Additional Benefits:

  • No mileage limitations and no limit to the number of structural damage claims.

Please note Tire & Wheel Protection with Optional Cosmetic Coverage is available only at the time of vehicle purchase as part of a Multi-Coverage Protection Option or as a stand-alone product.

Coverage Exclusions May Apply3:

  • Failures from normal wear and tear, improper wear or dry rot
  • Damage caused by road conditions (such as metal plates or uneven lanes) found in construction zones or construction sites.
  • Repairs or replacements made without prior authorization.
  • Cosmetic damage to chrome wheels and/or chrome-clad wheels, even if Optional Cosmetic Coverage is purchased
  • Damage caused by vandalism.
  • Damage to tires with less than 3/32" tread depth at the lowest point on the tire at the time of damage
  • Cosmetic damage to tires

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1Tires and wheels will be replaced using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or OEM-approved parts.

2Please consult your Customer Agreement for complete cancellation rules, including state-specific cancellation rules.

3Additional exclusions may apply. Please consult your Customer Agreement for specific coverage details, including limitations and exclusions.