Lease Return Center Near Los Angeles & Santa Monica

Lease Return Center at Santa Monica Audi

Once your Audi lease is nearing its end, you may be curious about what options you have available to keep driving an Audi. Fortunately, Santa Monica Audi has a program designed specifically for drivers to exchange your current Audi for a new model before your lease concludes. Even if this date is still months or even further than a year away, Santa Monica Audi is here to help you plan ahead for the future!

Lease End Options

If you're within 12-18 months of your lease expiration, Audi drivers have a variety of options to consider. Our Lease End Specialists at Santa Monica Audi can address any individual questions or concerns regarding your situation.


Love your current Audi? You can extend your current Audi lease while awaiting a replacement.


Get behind the wheel of a newer model prior to your lease expiration. Enjoy the latest innovations in style, safety, and technology you've come to expect from driving an Audi.

Purchase Miles

Add additional miles or exchange models should your driving habits or needs change.

Purchase or Refinance

Should you decide you would like to purchase your Audi, we can coordinate the process. Speak with our experts to take a closer look at your refinancing options.


Schedule an inspection or return your Audi to fulfill the end of your lease agreement. Browse the latest Audi vehicles while you're here at Santa Monica Audi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if I still have a year left on my current lease, is it possible to get a new Audi model?

Yes! In fact, you could potentially qualify for our Audi Owner Loyalty Incentive for a new lease or purchase saving you thousands. Additionally, Audi may waive your security deposit. These are only two of the fantastic benefits to upgrading your current Audi lease.

Is it possible for me to buy my current Audi out of the lease?

Yes! By purchasing your current Audi, you may qualify for special Audi lease purchase rates. It's also possible to purchase an extended warranty which covers your vehicle for up to 100,000 miles. Contact us for more information on purchasing your Audi out of lease.

If I need to end my Audi lease early, what happens?

Should your driving needs change and you need to terminate your lease early, Santa Monica Audi is here to help! For additional information on early termination, please call us with your vehicle year, model, mileage, options, condition, and your VIN number and our lease specialists will inform you of your options.

If I purchased my Audi at a different Audi dealership can I return it to Audi Santa Monica?

Absolutely! Regardless of where you purchased your current Audi vehicle, the Lease End Specialists at Santa Monica are available to make your lease end experience smooth and simple. Whether you're ready for something new or can't let go of your current Audi model, Santa Monica Audi Lease Return Specialists can walk you through preparing for the lease-end process. Get started today!